Biogem (Molecular Biology and Genetics Research Institute) is a consortium between universities and research centres.

    The research carried out in Biogem has a strong translational vocation: it aims to contribute to the development of new and more effective diagnostic and therapeutic applications, particularly in the nephrology and oncology fields, also making use of a very advanced facility for the generation of animal models (i.e., mouse, rat, rabbit, and zebrafish) of such pathologies.

    An important role is played by preclinical research, aimed at the development of new drugs, for which Biogem has recently got the GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) certification, the only Research Centre in Southern Italy for toxicity and biocompatibility studies.

    Biogem is also active in higher education and dissemination of scientific culture: it organizes a MA and PhD programs in relevant scientific disciplines.

    Biogem has also a Museum of the History of Earth and Life.

    Biogem laboratories


    The Biogem Animal Facility is organized into distinct areas on the basis of on the microbiological containment and / or the hosted species:

    - Conventional Area, where both rats and mice are housed

    - Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) area, where the mice are housed and managed through strict microbiological controls

    -Gnotobiotics Area (Germ-free), for the housing of rodents used for the evaluation of the microbiota in the onset of human diseases

    - GLP Area (Good Laboratory Practice), where the regulatory in vivo studies of the Biogem Test Center are carried out for the areas of toxicology, pharmaco- and toxicokinetics and biocompatibility

    - Zebrafish area, for the housing of the zebrafish fish models in special aquarium tanks

    - Rabbit area, for the housing of the lagomorph, whose use is managed with specific standard operating procedures.

    The Biogem Animal Facility is allowed to use rodents, rabbits and zebrafish for biomedical research by the Ministry of Health with Ministerial Decree n 12/2016-UT dated 29 September 2016 according to D.Lgs. 26/2014 (March 14th, 2014), concerning the protection of animals used for scientific purposes. The Biogem Animal Facility is certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001:2015) and the experimental activities are conducted following specific Standard Operative Procedures (SOPs) in order to manage, standardize and guide operators and, moreover, to ensure the animal welfare.

    Biogem applies the 3Rs principles:

    REFINEMENT, through the use of environmental of sophisticated technologies for the in vivo imaging; REDUCTION of the number of animals enrolled in experimental procedures; REPLACEMENT of animal models through the literature research and the preliminary in vitro studies.



    Mario Capecchi, Nobel Laureate in Medicine and Physiology 2007:

    [...] the [Biogem] animal facility is outstanding. It was designed with much more foresight of the facility that houses my mice [...]. Biogem's animal facility is the best among those that I have seen in Europe. I hope the government scientific institutions understand

    the peculiarities of your animal facility and want to continue to fund it [...]. I'm sure that your animal facility's productivity and excellence levels will be maintained thanks to the excellence of the researchers who work at Biogem.

    A fascinating journey into the history of Earth and life, told by authentic fossil finds, by suggestive reproductions, and by a set of technological devices, which allow visitors to get immersed in an unexpected multimedia reality, capable of capturing the attention of adults and young people. The “Quadrifera”, the Multimedia Pyramid, the Immersive Museum, the 7D Multimedia Room and the replica of the skeleton of an Allosaurus Fragilis in life size are the main parts of the exhibition, specifically designed to illustrate the origins of Earth and the evolution of life on it.
    The UIIP Biogem Program (University Industry Internship Program) is a ‘bridge’ between the world of education and that of companies. UIIP tends on the one hand to meet the training needs of IT companies, characterized by a constant search for talent and resources, with specific digital skills, and on the other hand provides young graduates who participate in courses (lasting 2/3 months ) practical skills to enter the labor market (on topics such as SAP, Analytcs, Web) and adequate soft skills (team working, public speaking, problem solving). The post UIIP courses placement rate is 95%.

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