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Biogem - Ricerca

IRGS, Genetic Research Centre "Gaetano Salvatore, has 12 laboratories of 130 m2 each. The research activities carried out in IRGS share the focus on genes and mechanisms involved in severe and widespread human pathologies. These issues are studied through animal models. The final goal is to collaborate in defining and implementing new diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

Research in Biogem IRGS focuses on 5 main lines:

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Biology of Stem Cells
(Head: Geppino Falco)

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"Science and Society" research unit
(Head: Michele Farisco)

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Animal Models Core Facility (AMCF)
(Supervisor: Mario De Felice)

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(Head: Michele Ceccarelli)

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(Head: Concetta Ambrosino)

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(Head: Pasquale Vito)

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Translational Nephrology
(Head: Giovambattista Capasso)


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Molecular Oncology
(Head: Giuseppe Viglietto)



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